Common Sense.

SEO, Digital Marketing or Social Selling are some of the trendy marketing terms that are now common in our local vocabulary. Surprisingly, though, certain valuable subjects still remain in the dark.

Take Sales Enablement, for example - A discipline that we barely come across in Mauritius, but that when implemented rightly, concretely improves sales efficiency and effectiveness.

I'm not referring to the hype of its early days pushed by investors looking for the next unicorn. I'm referring to the down to earth initiatives to create a structured framework that will improve sales performance by using the right tools and processes... Pure common sense.

What is Sales Enablement?

There are many definitions out there that highlight its different facets. But as the discipline matures, Sales Enablement is becoming an increasingly strategic exercise that promotes cross departmental collaboration and puts the buyer's journey at the centre of the process.

CSO Insights defines it quite well as:

A strategic, cross-functional discipline
designed to increase sales results and productivity
by providing integrated content, training, and coaching services
for salespeople and frontline sales managers
along the entire customer’s journey,
powered by technology.

Put simply, Sales Enablement is any tool or process that provides sales people with:

  • information on leads,(e.g. their interests or stage in the buying process)
  • training and coaching to improve their skills
  • tools that give them swift access to relevant sales material (e.g. email templates, marketing collaterals, mobile apps)
  • or solutions to better measure their actions and progress.

Seems logical, but when such a framework is not formulated and tools or processes are absent, we just have a long list of loosely implemented actions (or good intentions...).

Is it Relevant To Mauritian Businesses?

I'll let the following two stats speak for themselves:

72% of companies with a defined sales enablement function, exceed their revenue targets by at least 25%. (DMN)

In businesses with the best Sales Enablement initiatives, new reps hit their quota in just 3 months as opposed to 9 months, for companies where Sales Enablement is not defined. (Demand Metric)

The takeaway is simple. When well formulated, Sales Enablement brings real, concrete improvements to the bottom line and local business have a lot to gain from it.

Where does your company stand today?

Below is an interesting extract of an Infographic from Demand Metric. It illustrates the relationship between the degree to which Sales Enablement is implemented in a company and some interesting sales variables. Where would your company stand?

Sales Enablement Infographic

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