Reach thousands of prospects in an email
marketing campaign at a truly affordable price.
Who wouldn’t be tempted?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to promote your brand and close more deals…if done rightly. There are, indeed, a couple of well-known service providers in Mauritius who offer mass email marketing services at usually great rates. However, while the apparent benefits of the solutions proposed are tempting, over time, the backlash can be damaging to your brand.

The aim of this article is not to argue whether the services proposed is spam or not (that’s another debate). I’ll just highlight three simple reasons why you should be careful when taking this route and suggest some alternatives adapted to the local context.

1. It’s perceived as unsolicited email that YOU are sending.

barack obama not happy with mass email marketing he receives
Sending a promotional email to people without their consent is unsolicited email. The fact is that for many people who receive these emails, YOU are the sender – not the service providers.

Why? Simply because often, the “From” field of the email shows your company name and the subject promotes your product…For many people, it’s sufficient to create the perception that you’re the sender of this email.

If they didn’t authorise you to send them promotional material, then they can conclude that you’re sending unsolicited emails. Not good for your brand. Not good for your future email campaigns.


2. Many people don’t actually see your message.

One general practice of these providers is to take one artwork (in the form of a single image) and use it as the message for the email. The problem is that many email applications block images by default. This means that the user just sees a blank email with nothing in it.

True, people can still follow a link to see the message online. But frankly, who is really motivated to do that, especially in a B2B context.

3. You’re losing money with this email marketing strategy

Finally, in some cases, the emails don’t even reach the inbox of the targeted people. They either get blocked by spam filters or by the servers of companies receiving these emails. In other words, you are throwing away precious Marketing Rupees that could have been better spent.

So, what are the alternatives?

How can you reach a large audience in Mauritius if you’re tight on budget?

Below are 4 options, used and tested in our local context that produce great results:

signage showing alternative digital marketing strategies

  1. Improve your website visibility with better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to attract more visitors to your website and promote your offers there.
  2. On your website, encourage visitors to leave their contact details in exchange of useful information. You can then use the information to run targeted email campaigns. This options will cost you nothing if you can modify your website internally. Click here to see a few simple ways to improve conversion rate on your website.
  3. Advertise on Facebook. It’s a relatively inexpensive channel with powerful marketing possibilities. In fact, with just a few hundred Rupees, you can reach thousands of well-targetted people.
  4. Advertise on It will cost you roughly as much as you would spend in an unsolicited mass mailing campaign, except that you’re using a highly respected channel which has a great reach locally.


Make sure to chose an option that is adapted to your audience and when possible try combining them.

Are there other options you’ve used locally? Thanks for sharing so I can update the list for everyone to benefit.