6 Simple Sales Enablement Best Practices
To You Turn Your Organisation Into A Powerful Sales Engine

That's a fact. Organisations with the best Sales Enablement functions outperform other businesses with superior Sales Results. Don't take it for my words. Check the infographic from DemandMetrics below.

Where does your organisation stands today? Have you implemented the processes and tools embraced by the best "Sales Enabled" firms?

If you think you have room for improvement, then read on. Here's a simple framework PLUS some free resourses to get you started.

Let's Get Started.
Getting Your  Organisation To The Next Stage.

In a nutshell, Sales Enablement is about defining a structured framework that integrates tools, processes, and the necessary training to optimise your sales function. Sounds simple, but that's a pitfall. Without a structured approach, you'll at best get a set loosely connected processes, if not, just good intentions constantly carried forward for next year. Except that you need results NOW!

So below is a simple framework to set the right foundations for your Sales Enablement initiative. 

1. Assign an owner for the project: That's especially important for large organisations or if you want to go full-fledged from the start. In this context, if no one owns the initiative, it will rapidly end in the closet. I would recommend someone with Marketing and/or Management background groomed on CRM and modern Sales Enablement tools and techniques.

2. Introduce a CRM system: A CRM System will help you centralise information on your leads and provide your sales teams with valuable insights on them. There are numerous CRM systems like SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics out there. If you are a medium sized firm looking for an affordable option, have look at Zoho CRM. It's a powerful, yet simple, solution which is free for up to 10 users. Great value! You can also check Hubspot Sales. Its base package is totally free for unlimited users - but prices of paid features can rise very steeply - so take that into account in your decision.

3. Train your sales people on modern sales techniques: Modern sales is about actively listening to your leads, understanding their pain points and adapting your sales conversation accordingly. With today's empowered buyers who have all the information they need online, this modern approach is critical to connect with them and create value that they cannot find online.

4. Align your sales and marketing departments on common objectives: For example, your marketing department should generate a commonly agreed volume of qualified leads from your website to hand over to Salespeople. Salespeople can then focus on these warm leads to close deals more rapidly. Without such coordinated efforts you often end up with marketing teams creating beautiful collaterals while salespeople lose precious time running after cold leads.

5. Invest in a Sales Enablement App: In sales, time is critical. When a lead shows interest, you need to action rapidly to avoid losing an opportunity. A Sales Enablement app allows your salespeople to swiftly have access to PDF documents, video demos or product galleries, on their mobile device to share with a prospect on the spot. At Leadstalk, we have a simple solution that does just that. It's an affordable, yet advanced mobile solution that is the perfect companion for your salespeople. Contact us here to learn more about this sales mobile app.

6. Enforce processes to support your initiatives: Without accountabilities to support all the above, your initiative to implement Sales Enablement is heading for failure. So make sure all the above is enforced into your organisation and that you have the necessary management buy-in.

So here it is - A simple framework to implement Sales Enablement in your company.. 

Bonus Advice: (1) Keep it simple and start with what is best adapted to your organisation. (2) That's why you don't need to follow the order above -  just start with what works best in your context.  (3) focus on small wins and build up gradually.  

Need to know more on the subject or how to best adapt this framework to your organisation? Drop me a personal email and I'll be happy to share some additional insights. If you're based is in Mauritius, I'll even be delighted to come over for a FREE CONSULTATION.