How Fast You Respond To Your Website Requests Increases Your Chances Of Qualifying A Lead...Significantly.

Say you have a great digital marketing strategy in place and leads are pouring in from Search Engines and Social Media channels. Now, say your marketing agency designed an attractive website and people are excited to leave their contact details on your carefully designed forms.

So, how fast should you respond to these people? And, does the timing of your response have any connection to your sales performance?

Well, in Sales, time is (always) of essence.

In their joint e-book on cold calling best practices, Ken Krogue ( and Grant Cardone have an eye-opening answer.

The average response time of salespeople to a lead is 39 hours and 22 minutes.

If you wait 30 minutes, you are 10 times less likely to reach that person.

However, if you call someone back within 5 minutes, the chances of qualifying that lead is 21 times higher.

The Takeaway: Close the Gap between your Digital Marketing Efforts and Your Sales Process.

  1. It's counter-productive to attract more visitors to your website if requests online don't reach the inbox of the relevant sales people immediately.
  2. Your salespeople must be ready to respond ASAP to your website requests. 
  3. Your marketing and sales departments should not be working in silos but swiftly share information on leads.


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 About the Author

Berty Tonta
Sales-Driven Digital Marketer

Berty is the founder of Leedstalk. In Mauritius, his 20-years track record includes the implementation of CRM or Sales Enablement Systems for major local brands.  He also lead the development of marketing apps and intervened as guest speaker for major events in Europe.